Excavation Support

An excavation support system (ESS) or shoring is a system designed to support the ground behind an excavation.  The shoring may also be designed to resist groundwater pressure, building loads, construction traffic, roadways, railroads, and many other types of surcharge loads. The shoring may be used to temporarily support the excavation until a new structure is built or be designed as a permanent earth retaining structure. Permanent excavation support systems differ from temporary systems in that many of the components in a permanent wall incorporate protection from long term corrosion.

The best type of shoring to use is dependent on a number of factors including soil conditions, required stiffness, and whether or not a groundwater cut-off is required. Shoring system’s provided by Schnabel include soldier piles and lagging, soil nailing, secant/tangent piles, deep soil mix walls, and sheet pile walls. Lateral support for the excavation support system is provided by tiebacks, soil nails, braces or by designing the vertical elements of the shoring to cantilever.