Broadmoor Parking Structure & Exhibit Hall

Broadmoor Parking Structure & Exhibit Hall

Battle Mountain Slider Repair

City: Colorado Springs
State: Colorado
Owner: Broadmoor Hotel
General Contractor: M.A. Mortenson Company
Project Description:

As the famous Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado expanded, the need for additional parking to accommodate visitors arose.   A below grade parking garage was selected to provide the required additional parking. The plans called for four levels of parking, thus requiring a significant excavation be made.

Schnabel was selected by the General Contractor to design and install the temporary shoring system. The shoring extended around most of the perimeter of the new building.   About 1,500 lineal feet of shoring with a maximum depth 50 feet was installed.

Schnabel efficiently and safely installed the shoring through difficult ground consisting of loose sands, gravels, cobbles, boulders, and ground water. Careful monitoring of the shoring showed that movement was within tolerable limits.