At Schnabel, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our work. We recognize the risk inherent in earth support systems and building foundations; where sub-standard work and lack of attention to detail can lead to catastrophic results. For this reason, quality will never be compromised in our designs and construction. Our decades of experience with design and construction of earth retention systems and specialty foundations allow us to offer the best in both price and quality.

Critical components of our Quality Program include:

Proper Planning – The first step in any quality project is doing a thorough job of gathering all available information and formulating the best approach to design and construct the project.

Designing – Schnabel uses the best available design methods to design our work, but there is no substitute for experience. In most cases we have done it before.

Constructing – Our foreman and key field staff are all experienced craftsmen who work closely with the engineer to ensure that the project is built safely and on time. On design-build projects, the engineer running the job can also make quick design changes when unanticipated conditions occur.

Testing and Monitoring – We test and monitor the critical components of our excavation support and specialty foundation systems in the field to ensure they perform as required.

Correcting – We modify our design and construction methods as needed if the excavation support or foundation system is not performing as expected or unexpected subsurface conditions are encountered.

Improving – Knowledge gained from every job allows us to improve on future jobs. This allows our clients the benefits learned from thousands of successful projects.