Contractor For Retaining Walls

Schnabel, a leading contractor for retaining walls, specializes in tailored earth-retention solutions for diverse project conditions. Permanent walls, designed for 50-100 years, depend on site factors and construction methods.

Functioning as design-build retaining wall contractors, Schnabel offers various permanent retaining wall solutions to suit distinct project requirements and challenging environmental conditions.

No matter the environment or operational challenges, Schnabel, your trusted contractor for retaining wall, possesses the expertise to guide you in determining the solution you require.


Opt for our cost-effective solutions, encompassing permanent tieback, soil nail, and cantilevered pile retaining walls. Crafted for enduring structures without disrupting roads or existing structures, these solutions are designed to last 50-100 years, rigorously evaluated for corrosion resistance. As trusted retaining wall contractors, we deliver lasting and reliable outcomes.

Count on Schnabel, the dependable contractor for retaining walls, to guarantee durability through meticulous attention to tiebacks, soil nails, and facing connections. The facing, expertly crafted from reinforced concrete or precast panels, offers versatility with various aesthetic treatments. As experienced concrete retaining wall contractors, we ensure an enhanced appearance that seamlessly integrates with the surroundings.

Boasting over fifty years of expertise, Schnabel stands out as a premier retaining wall contractor in the United States. Our tailored approach to retaining wall construction addresses unique project needs and environmental conditions. Reach out to our team today to explore how we can assist you in choosing the optimal retaining wall solution for your project.


Schnabel is a leading contractor in retaining wall construction, whatever the environment, whatever your operational challenges.

Kennedy Interchange

Schnabel secured a contract to engineer and construct enduring retaining walls, enhancing traffic flow at a bustling interchange in Atlanta, Georgia.

Contractors utilize retaining wall construction featuring permanent tiebacks, soil nails and/or cantilevered pile retaining walls.

US 321

Schnabel successfully planned and built 15 permanent tieback walls spanning over 8,500 ft. for the Tennessee Department of Transportation, contributing to the widening of U.S. 321 bordering the Smoky Mountain National Park.

The widening of US 321 through several miles of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park just outside of Gatlinburg, TN utilized Permanent Tieback Walls to minimize the impact to the surrounding environment and preserve the beauty of this majestic area. It took a team approach between Schnabel, Blalock and Sons, Inc. and the Tennessee Department of Transportation to construct one of the largest permanent tieback wall projects in the nation.

Kevin Cargill, P.E., US 321


Schnabel stands as the Geostructural Design & Construction sector’s pinnacle of operational efficiency. Drawing on decades of experience and design/build expertise, we continuously innovate processes, consistently delivering optimal outcomes for our clients through proven approaches.