Tunnels and Shafts

A premier nationwide contractor, Schnabel provides Geostructural Design and Construction services for tunnel and shaft projects.



Shaft and tunnel construction require specific in-depth knowledge and special expertise. A design-build company, Schnabel leverages decades of experience to provide excavation support and cut-off walls to allow for the construction of cut and cover tunnels and ramps, access shafts, and other underground structures.

A leading design-build earth-retention and specialty foundations company, Schnabel can also provide jet grouting to stabilize the ground and reduce groundwater seepage around penetrations through tunnels and shafts. Schnabel specializes in self-supporting circular secant pile shafts that do not require bracing or tiebacks that can complicate excavation of the shaft.

Browse our company project portfolio and see how Schnabel provides innovative earth retention services for shaft and tunnel construction projects.

We’re continually focused on protecting our employees and clients from any unnecessary risk.


Schnabel is the sector’s most operationally efficient Geostuctural Design & Construction contractor. We optimize efficiencies by leveraging decades of experience and design/build expertise, to innovate processes and approaches that are consistently proven to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients.