Roadways and Bridges

One of the country’s premier design-build companies, Schnabel provides Geostructural Design and Construction services for roadway and bridge projects.


Earth Retention Company for Roadway and Bridge Construction

Our leading-edge services include excavation support to allow for the construction of bridge abutments, permanent walls to allow roadways to be widened into hillsides and to construct roadway underpasses and specialized foundations to transfer foundation loads from bridges to deeper denser soils and rock. Schnabel can also use their extensive design and construction experience to value engineer contract wall designs to save our clients time and money.

Browse our company project portfolio and see how Schnabel provides leading-edge earth retention services for roadway and bridge construction projects.

Innovation always unlocks value for our clients.


Schnabel is the sector’s most operationally efficient Geostuctural Design & Construction contractor. We optimize efficiencies by leveraging decades of experience and design/build expertise, to innovate processes and approaches that are consistently proven to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients.

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