A leading earth-retention and specialty foundations company, Schnabel provides Geostructural Design and Construction services for power and industrial projects nationwide. Power and industrial construction projects demand extensive industry knowledge and special expertise. Our company provides leading-edge earth-retention services for power plants, substations, factories, manufacturing plants, refineries, mines, and more.

Earth Retention Solutions for Power & Industrial Construction Projects

Our innovative services include excavation support to allow for the construction of underground structures, cut-off walls to help reduce groundwater infiltration, underpinning to support existing structures adjacent to an excavation, permanent walls to allow construction into hillsides, and specialized foundations to allow foundation loads to be transferred to deeper denser soils and rock.

No matter the challenges surrounding a particular project, Schnabel provides innovative solutions for power and industrial construction companies, so they can achieve their operational goals.

Over 65 Years of Excellence in Power and Industrial Construction Projects.

Power & Industrial Case Studies


Red Rock Hydroelectric Facility  | Pella, IA

Schnabel was the Tieback Anchor Contractor for this award-winning project and installed 153 post-tensioned tieback rock anchors up to 173 ft long. The tieback anchors helped support a large 60-foot-tall temporary secant pile wall that was positioned above a 40-foot tall rock cut to allow for the construction of a new powerhouse on the existing flood control dam.

Monserate Substation | Fallbrook, CA

San Diego Gas & Electric contracted Schnabel for the design and construction of a permanent soil nail wall featuring a sculpted and colored shotcrete facing. The excavation process in weathered rock was executed in 10-foot increments, creating a bench wide enough for the installation of the initial rows of rock nails.

Sub-surface to street level, safely and efficiently.


Schnabel is the sector’s most operationally efficient Geostructural Design & Construction contractor. We optimize efficiencies by leveraging decades of experience and design/build expertise to innovate processes and approaches that are consistently proven to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients.