Schnabel’s Innovative Approach to Construction Site Safety

Construction Site Safety

A leading-edge, design-build specialty contractor, Schnabel brings the latest techniques and technologies to every project. Our innovative spirit extends to every facet of our company, including safety, which plays a key role in our continued success. At Schnabel, our commitment to safety is more than just a slogan; it’s fundamental to everything we do. This unrelenting dedication allows us to streamline efficiencies and attract some of the most experienced and talented professionals in the industry.

Design-Build Projects Require an Innovative Construction Safety Plan

At Schnabel, we take a comprehensive approach to safety because of the nature of the work we do. Shoring, excavation and foundation construction are all complex processes that demand industry experience, extensive expertise and strict safety measures to minimize risk and optimize productivity.  From sub-surface to street-level, the construction process demands rigorous planning and expert execution at every step. In addition to adhering to established best practices, Schnabel elevates safety protocols with thoughtful innovations and fresh ideas.

A forward-thinking nationwide contractor, Schnabel provides custom underpinning solutions that meet the unique needs of every client. While it may be a common construction method, underpinning can be painstaking and dangerous. With our patented underpinning process, we’ve streamlined the task with unique innovations that eliminate the need for time-consuming and dangerous manual labor. Schnabel holds nearly two dozen United States patents related to geostructural construction, and we consistently have more patents in development.

How Schnabel’s Construction Safety Methods Increase Efficiency

At Schnabel, we don’t just talk about safety; we live it. With every project, we employ comprehensive safety methods that help us overcome common impediments, minimize risk and improve efficiencies. By empowering our team with the knowledge and equipment that promote greater safety, we make it easy for them to confidently apply their extensive knowledge and industry expertise so they can achieve a higher level of productivity without costly delays associated with accidents or other mishaps.

Safety in Construction: Why it’s So Important

Successful construction companies require skilled, passionate workers to drive their success with innovative designs, creative engineering and expert execution at every level. To ensure that we attract the industry’s best talent, Schnabel offers comprehensive benefits, competitive salaries and uniquely exciting opportunities. At the same time, we stand at the forefront of safety to ensure a safe work environment that puts a premium on worker well-being. By positioning our company as one of the safest and most rewarding places to work, we attract the brightest and most experienced industry experts that give us the ability to provide innovative solutions to unique project challenges.

In keeping with this inclusive EEO policy, we seek to recruit, hire, train and promote the most qualified individuals. We also administer all personnel matters in accordance with these standards, whether it’s compensation and benefits or transfers, training, terminations, lay-offs and company-sponsored social or recreational programs.

At Schnabel, we value skill, work ethic and integrity. If you are a qualified candidate with a passion for working in construction, you will enjoy rewarding opportunities in a fair, inclusive work environment.

Specialty Foundation Construction Demands a Commitment to Safety

Established more than six decades ago, Schnabel was founded on key principles: integrity, innovation, performance, competitiveness and safety. Because this last fundamental is critical to our success, we take a bottom-up approach to safety that incorporates every member of our team, from leadership to management to our experts in the field. Our unrelenting dedication to safety produces a culture built from respect and positive feedback at every level of our company. From our communication and planning to our patented innovations, we take a systematic approach to safety that makes our company more efficient, more productive and more dynamic.