Schnabel stands at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that we bring the latest techniques and technologies to every project. We also stand at the forefront of safety, which makes us an especially attractive company to some of the world’s most experienced and talented construction professionals.

Our People Make the Difference

Whatever the industry, successful businesses rely on skilled, passionate workers to drive their success. This is especially true in construction, where projects depend on innovative designs, expert engineering and flawless execution at every level.

At Schnabel, we employ more than 200 skilled employees who all play critical roles in our geostructural projects. To ensure that we attract the right talent, we offer comprehensive benefits, competitive salaries and unique opportunities. At the same time, we go above and beyond to ensure a safe work environment that prioritizes worker well-being.

A longstanding family-oriented organization, Schnabel is committed to fostering an inclusive, supportive work environment. Our strong company culture is one of the many unique qualities that give us the ability to take on especially challenging projects and execute them successfully. Unlike many other traditional construction companies, we are a design-build specialty contractor. Since we do everything from start to finish, we need a skilled, comprehensive team of passionate workers that have diverse skill sets.

We fulfill this need by investing so heavily in safety and company culture. This unyielding commitment helps us attract the world’s most talented and experienced designers, engineers and field workers. When you work with Schnabel, you can be sure you are working with some of the brightest and most experienced industry experts. We make sure of it by positioning our innovative company as one of the safest and most attractive places to work.

While many construction companies treat safety as an afterthought, Schnabel understands that it is critical to our operational success. Whether it means modifying existing equipment and procedures or creating patented methods that reduce worker risk, we are at the forefront of safety, just as we are with design.

If there’s a safer, more efficient way to do something for a customer, we will always find a way to do it. That’s how we maintain our well-earned reputation as a leading-edge specialty foundation contractor where safety and efficiency are always a top priority.