One of the nation’s premier specialty foundation contractors, Schnabel employs leading-edge methods to ensure the stability and integrity of existing foundations. An innovative nationwide contractor, we provide tailored underpinning solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. While underpinning is a common construction method, we’ve streamlined the task with exciting innovations that create a safer, more efficient process that eliminates the need for tedious and dangerous manual labor.

Why Do You Need Foundation Underpinning?

Used to repair existing foundations or increase foundation depth, underpinning is an especially good way to transfer the load from a building’s existing foundation level to a deeper, more stable level within the ground. It can become necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Stability problems due to soil shifting
  • Improper initial construction
  • Shifting due to floods, earthquakes, or other natural disasters

Underpinning may also be necessary when adding additional stories or other weight to a structure. It is also commonly used to lower a foundation’s bearing level to accommodate an adjacent excavation.

Depending on the goals and circumstances surrounding a project, Schnabel may utilize hand-dug piers,  bracket piles, micropiles, jet grouting and other proven underpinning processes. As an innovative, design-build contractor, we’ve also improved the underpinning procedure by creating a safer, more efficient process.

Enhancing the Foundation Underpinning Process

Although foundation underpinning is a very effective process, it has traditionally been painstaking and dangerous, due to the reliance on manual intervention from construction staff. Schnabel has changed this with our patented underpinning system.

During the process, Schnabel designs and installs soil mix piers beneath a building to extend an existing foundation to deeper stratums. This is a major improvement on hand-dug piers where workers have to go beneath the existing structures to excavate soil and construct concrete piers.

Schnabel’s innovative methodology utilizes specialized equipment to reach beneath a structure and create a rectangular soil mix pier. The innovative process creates an underpinning pier that can resist tremendous vertical loads from the structure above, while eliminating the need for time-consuming and risky tasks on the part of our valued workers.

A Safer, More Streamlined Process

At Schnabel, our patented underpinning methods were specifically developed to satisfy our workers and clients by creating a faster, safer and more efficient process. Our vast field experience and concerted investment in research and development allow us to develop forward-thinking solutions to common construction impediments and risky complications.

This unyielding commitment makes us a top foundation company and helps us attract the world’s most talented and experienced designers, engineers and field workers.

With decades of industry experience and a full staff of talented industry experts, Schnabel stands at the forefront of safety and innovation.