Schnabel provides a wide variety of measures and solutions for landslide stabilization including tiedback permanent walls, tiedback discrete structural elements, soldier piles, secant piles and Soil nailing.

A leading Geostructural Design & Construction contractor, Schnabel has the expertise to provide effective landslide repair and control services, based on unique project needs and challenging environmental conditions.


Landslide Stabilization Solutions

A landslide occurs when the driving forces on a soil mass exceed the internal resisting forces of that soil mass and the land starts to move. Schnabel’s landslide repair services utilize proven techniques to stop or prevent a landslide, whether it’s installing tieback anchors, soldier piles, and/or micropiles to provide additional external resisting force.

Tieback anchors provide the most positive and cost-effective landslide repair solution in many circumstances. If the site cannot accommodate mass excavation, or if the soil along the failure surface is difficult to drain, tieback anchors may be the only practical solution. At other times, tiebacks in combination with one or more other methods may work best.

Tieback walls constructed to control landslides are designed to increase the resisting forces to a predetermined factor of safety. The wall can be located within the slope to provide the resisting forces in an optimal direction. They can also be installed with minimal site disturbance.

The tiebacks are anchored through the wall in competent soil or rock below the slope failure surface. In some situations, the tieback loads are distributed directly to the soil with discrete concrete elements rather than a wall. Often, these walls or elements are buried within the slope and the slope is re-vegetated to its original condition.

With more than a half-century of experience, Schnabel provides innovative, cost-effective landslide repair services. To learn more, contact our team today.


landslide control services

Provo Canyon

Schnabel installed 208 permanent anchors in a side hill cut in Provo, Utah to stabilize a potential landslide which could have been triggered by a cut for a new roadway alignment.

landslide control measures

Summit Senior Care Facility

Schnabel constructed a permanent tieback wall to stabilize a large landslide and allow the construction of the new Summit Senior Care Facility in San Ramon California.

Schnabel constructed a permanent tieback wall to stabilize an old landslide so that previously unusable land could be used to construct a new senior care facility. Schnabel worked closely with design consultant Cotton, Shires and Associates to produce a design that would stabilize a large slide close to numerous fault lines. This required deep soldier piles and high capacity tiebacks up to 150-foot long.

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