Landslide Control

A nationwide earth-retention and specialty foundations company, Schnabel provides Geostructural Design and Construction services for landslide control.

Landslide Control Measures & Earth Retention Services

Landslide control measures transform previously unstable land into reliable ground for construction. They can also save existing structures from damage caused by landslide movement. Our innovative services to control landslides include permanent tieback walls, tied back element walls, and soil nailing. Tiebacks provide an effective way of stabilizing landslides since they can be anchored in soil or rock below the slide plane.

Browse our project portfolio and see how Schnabel provides reliable landslide control measures in some of the nation’s most challenging environments.

Landslide Stabilization

Innovative Methods Designed to Control Landslides and Increase Resisting Forces

Landslide Control Case Studies

Landslide Stabilization

Gallatin County Landslide Repair | Warsaw, KY

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) contracted Schnabel to reconstruct a 1.25-mile-long section of the U.S. 42 highway that has been prone to landslides. Schnabel successfully installed a tieback retaining wall to help stabilize the existing landslides, which allowed the highway to reopen five months ahead of schedule and just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Landslide Stabilization

Summit Senior Care Facility | San Ramon, CA

Schnabel was contracted to design and construct a permanent tieback wall to facilitate the construction of a new Senior Care Facility which was being built on a hill that had a long history of instability issues. Furthermore, this project required excavation into both a historic inactive landslide and a newer active landslide. Schnabel’s tieback wall featured a shotcrete facing installed on the face of the wall.

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