At Schnabel, we provide tailored, design-build solutions for unique project requirements. As we develop these solutions from conception to construction, we make safety a top priority. This allows our talented team to work with confidence and approach every project with a heightened level of efficiency.

More than Just Words

While countless other construction companies claim to value safety, the reality is most consider it an hindrance to productivity. At Schnabel, we understand that the opposite is true. By empowering our workers with the knowledge, equipment and standards that promote greater safety, we give them the tools they need to work more efficiently. As they confidently apply their extensive knowledge and expertise to each unique job, they are able to achieve a higher level of productivity without delays associated with accidents or other mishaps.

It takes more than lip service to be at the forefront of safety, however. At Schnabel, we take a complete systemic approach to safety because of the nature of the work we do. This includes:

  • Having a multi-person safety team dedicated to reviewing all aspects of construction prior to, during, and following up
  • Performing filmed physical recreations of any incidents, no matter how small, so we can identify and correct the root causes
  • Conducting comprehensive onboarding practices that help new workers become familiar with processes long before they reach the actual field
  • Holding quarterly meetings with long-term workers to remind them of dangers and update them on new products and procedures
  • Employing effective front-line, mid-level supervisors at every key safety point
  • Modifying equipment to make things faster, more efficient and safer.
  • Asking employees to communicate, collaborate and provide feedback on how we can make things even safer

In addition to our strict operational focus on safety, we also strive to create innovations that provide fresh solutions to traditional construction dangers and impediments. Our patented foundation underpinning system, for instance, eliminates the need for time-consuming and risky tasks on the part of our valued workers. It also streamlines the process, so we can satisfy our customer’s needs in a timelier, more efficient manner, free from delays associated with risky, time-consuming manual labor.