In the dynamic foundation industry, design and construction methods are constantly evolving and improving. Schnabel leverages its robust R&D division and entrepreneurial spirit to create leading-edge techniques and technologies that keep us at the forefront of innovation. This dedication to excellence extends to every part of our company, including our commitment to safety.

Why it’s So Important

Shoring, excavation and foundation construction are all complex processes requiring extensive experience and expertise. From sub-surface to street-level, every step demands rigorous planning and expert execution. The construction process also demands strict safety measures to minimize risk and optimize productivity. From Schnabel’s point of view, this means adhering to established best practices, while also elevating safety protocols with fresh innovations that set us apart from our competitors.

An Industry Thought Leader

Established in 1959, Schnabel has extensive experience providing customized solutions for unique project challenges. Sixty years of experience doesn’t keep us in the past, however. Instead, it provides a solid foundation for continuous improvement and innovative design and construction methods.

To provide our customers with leading-edge earth retention and foundation solutions, we are always investing in ways to improve our work with cutting-edge designs, technology and ideas. Schnabel holds nearly two dozen United States patents related to geostructural construction, and we consistently have more patents in development. This includes our patented foundation underpinning system, which eliminates the need for risky tasks on the part of our valued workers.

Since it removes the need for manual labor, this patented system drastically enhances safety while streamlining the underpinning process, so we can satisfy our customer’s needs in a timelier, more efficient manner.

But safety is about more than technical and procedural innovations; it’s about strict adherence to a sound well-established plan.

Planning for Success

At Schnabel, we take a complete systemic approach to safety because of the nature of the work we do. It starts with having a multi-person safety team dedicated to reviewing all aspects of construction — before, during, and following up.

From our comprehensive onboarding safety courses to our quarterly safety meetings with long-term workers, we prioritize the well-being of our team to ensure that they stay safe and efficient on the job site.

Long before we set foot on a project, we establish a detailed safety strategy that accounts for expected hazards and impediments. As we design and execute our construction plan, we maintain the flexibility to adjust our tactics in a way that optimizes safety and empowers our teams with the confidence they need to approach every project with a heightened level of efficiency.

Combined with our continued investment in innovative safety technologies, our extensive and detailed project planning ensures a safer, more efficient job site where we bring our customers’ vision to life.