Cement Deep Soil Mixing

As an advanced company specializing in Geostructural Design and Construction, Schnabel has established itself as a top soil mixing contractor in the country.

Cement deep soil mixing is a technique we implement, where cement grout and soil are blended in-situ (on the site), enhancing the soil’s strength while decreasing its permeability. This method is used to erect impervious earth-retaining structures and consistent groundwater barriers, all while augmenting the supporting capacities of the soil.

Be it any environment or operational hurdle, Schnabel possesses the knowledge and experience to provide the accurate soil mixing solution tailored specifically for your requirements.

Cement Deep Soil Mixing Solutions

As a premier contractor specializing in soil mixing, Schnabel emphasizes the importance of careful and correct soil mixing as the foundation of robust earth-retention solutions. The methodical process yields a sturdy soilcrete mixture characterized by its increased strength and lower permeability.

In the realm of earth-retaining structure construction, soil mixing plays a vital role especially when groundwater cutoff is required. Schnabel commonly establishes a continuous groundwater cutoff wall by drilling overlapping soilcrete columns.

To further fortify the soilcrete, steel piles are typically embedded while the mixture is still damp. The resultant strength of the treated soil allows it to bridge the intervals between the piles. Additionally, the permeability reduction achieved by a soil mix walls enables excavation to occur under mostly arid circumstances with minimal reduction in the external water table levels.

The scope of soil mixing extends beyond these applications. It can also be used to form an impervious barrier beneath the ground surface in instances where excavation is not necessary, such as decreasing seepage through a dam or containing groundwater pollution. Cement deep soil mixing also serves to improve the soil base, thereby increasing its strength and lowering the risk of liquefaction during seismic events.

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Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Schnabel constructed a cement deep soil mixed (CDSM) wall for the excavation support system at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in Massachusetts.

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Patriots Plaza

Schnabel used several techniques such as deep soil mixing, pressure grouting, and secant piles to provide both excavation support and to impede groundwater flow into the excavation at the Patriots Plaza project in Washington D.C.

Schnabel designed and installed a soil mix wall to support an excavation that was within three feet of the historic Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The low vibrations during installation and increased stiffness of a soil mix wall helped protect the priceless artifacts in the museum. Schnabel worked closely with our client John Moriarty & Associates to ensure project success.

Harry W. Schnabel, P.E., , Boston Museum of Fine Arts Project


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