Deep Soil Mixing Equipment

As a skilled Geostructural Design and Construction company, Schnabel shines as one of the nation’s preeminent soil mixing contractors.

We utilize deep soil mixing equipment in the process of blending cement grout with soil on the project site. This on-site method enhances the soil’s overall strength and decreases its permeability. The use of deep soil mixing equipment is crucial in the creation of earth-retaining indomitable structures and firm groundwater barriers while improving soil’s support capability.

No matter the environmental conditions or the intricacies of your operational difficulties, Schnabel’s deep soil mixing proficiency ensures tailored solutions that match your unique needs.

Deep Soil Mixing Equipment Solutions

As a trailblazer in the field of soil mixing, Schnabel highlights that accurate soil mixing is a critical factor in developing robust earth-retention strategies. When carried out accurately, the blending process generates a soilcrete amalgam characterized by enhanced robustness and decreased permeability.

The usage of deep soil mixing equipment significantly aids in constructing earth-retaining configurations where a groundwater cut-off is indispensable. This typically involves Schnabel drilling a set of converging soilcrete columns to form an uninterrupted groundwater cutoff barrier.

While the soilcrete mixture is still damp, steel piles are commonly integrated to boost its strength. This means the treated soil’s enhanced strength can enable it to bridge the gaps between piles. Likewise, lower permeability attributed to a soil mix wall allows for excavation under predominantly dry conditions with minimal impact on the surrounding water table levels.

Beyond creating earth-retaining structures, the use of deep soil mixing equipment can help to form impenetrable barriers beneath the ground level, irrespective of whether excavation takes place. This is particularly beneficial in minimizing dam seepage or containing contaminated groundwater. Moreover, foundation soils can be ameliorated to increase their sturdiness and minimize the potential for liquefaction in seismic events.

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Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Schnabel constructed a cement deep soil mixed (CDSM) wall for the excavation support system at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in Massachusetts.

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Patriots Plaza

Schnabel used several techniques such as deep soil mixing, pressure grouting, and secant piles to provide both excavation support and to impede groundwater flow into the excavation at the Patriots Plaza project in Washington D.C.

Schnabel designed and installed a soil mix wall to support an excavation that was within three feet of the historic Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The low vibrations during installation and increased stiffness of a soil mix wall helped protect the priceless artifacts in the museum. Schnabel worked closely with our client John Moriarty & Associates to ensure project success.

Harry W. Schnabel, P.E., , Boston Museum of Fine Arts Project


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