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For those seeking to find jet grouting contractors capable of addressing complex soil stabilization needs, Schnabel emerges as a prominent choice in the United States. Their expertise in jet grouting solutions is vital for clients grappling with distinctive challenges in construction projects, aiming to improve soil conditions to fulfill specific project demands.

Jet grouting, a specialized service provided by Schnabel, proves exceptionally effective in curtailing groundwater problems in underground structures. This method is also preferred for reinforcing the foundations of existing buildings and ensuring stability during excavation tasks.

Positioned as a leading choice for those looking to find jet grouting contractors, Schnabel is adept at transforming weak soil into cement-stabilized foundations, a key element in managing groundwater and reinforcing structural bases.

With its wealth of experience, Schnabel stands out for its ability to assist clients through the complexities of construction sites, ensuring that their project objectives are met with utmost precision and expertise.


Jet grouting, a crucial technique in soil improvement, involves the onsite mixing of soil with injected cement grout to create stabilized soil columns. This modified soil, marked by increased strength and reduced permeability, becomes an engineered solution ideal for foundation support and groundwater management. Common uses include underpinning existing structures and forming cutoff walls for excavation support.

The process starts by drilling a small-diameter pipe, around 4 inches, to the desired depth. Then, high-pressure cement grout, around 6,000 psi, is injected through this pipe. As the pipe rotates and is withdrawn, it creates a circular column of improved soil. The diameter of these columns is adjustable, allowing for flexible support configurations. These columns can be used individually for vertical support or arrayed to form barriers against soil and water movement.

The versatility of jet grouting is particularly advantageous in sites with subsurface utilities or other buried challenges. Its minimalistic drilling approach permits effective navigation around these obstructions, facilitating the creation of wider soil columns in confined spaces. This feature positions jet grouting as a prime solution for soil stabilization in complex underground conditions. For those on the lookout to find jet grouting contractors, Schnabel offers a blend of adaptability and technical prowess, delivering tailor-made solutions for a wide array of construction scenarios.


Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis

Schnabel used jet grout columns as underpinning and excavation support for the construction of an addition to the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The jet grout columns eliminated the need for timber lagging and prevented the loss of sand during the 21-foot-deep excavation.

J Avenue Water Treatment Plant

Schnabel installed 67 jet grout columns to support the expansion of the J Avenue water treatment plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This project required an excavation adjacent to an existing structure. The continuous wall of jet grout columns was successful in retaining the soil and water behind the wall and no measurable settlement of the tank structure occurred.

The Minneapolis Children’s Hospital project was Schnabel’s first application of jet grouting to underpin an existing structure in lieu of traditional hand-dug underpinning pits. The project team was very pleased with the performance of the jet grout underpinning system.

Chuck Conlon, P.E., Children's Hospital of Minneapolis


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