Jet Grouting For Foundation Reinforcement

Schnabel, a leading name in the construction industry, specializes in jet grouting for foundation reinforcement, providing top-notch soil stabilization services across the United States. Their expertise in this area is essential for clients facing unique construction challenges, particularly in reinforcing foundations to meet specific project requirements.

Jet grouting, a key service offered by Schnabel, proves highly effective in addressing issues related to foundation stability. This technique is crucial not only for enhancing the structural integrity of new constructions but also for reinforcing the foundations of existing buildings, ensuring safety and longevity.

As an expert in jet grouting for foundation reinforcement, Schnabel is skilled at transforming unstable soil into strong, cement-stabilized foundations. This capability is critical for ensuring robust foundation support in various construction scenarios.

With a wealth of experience and a history of successful projects, Schnabel has established itself as a leader in the field of foundation reinforcement through jet grouting. They are adept at guiding clients through the complexities of foundation stabilization, ensuring that their construction goals are achieved with efficiency and precision.


Jet grouting, an integral technique in foundation reinforcement, involves the on-site mixing of soil with injected cement grout to create stabilized soil columns. These columns significantly improve the soil’s structural properties, increasing strength, and decreasing permeability. This makes them an excellent solution for reinforcing foundations, especially in scenarios where existing structures require additional support or where new constructions demand enhanced stability.

The process entails drilling a small-diameter pipe (typically around 4 inches) to the desired depth. Contractors then inject cement grout at high pressures (around 6,000 psi) through the drill pipe. As the pipe is rotated and withdrawn, it creates a circular column of reinforced soil. The diameter and positioning of these columns can be customized, providing tailored support for a variety of foundation reinforcement needs.

The versatility of jet grouting is especially beneficial in complex construction environments, including those with subsurface challenges or in dense urban areas. Its minimal drilling requirement allows for effective intervention in tight spaces, enabling the creation of larger diameter soil columns for robust foundation support. As a provider of jet grouting services for foundation reinforcement, Schnabel offers a combination of technical expertise and practical experience, delivering custom solutions to ensure the structural integrity and longevity of a wide range of construction projects.


Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis

Schnabel used jet grout columns as underpinning and excavation support for the construction of an addition to the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The jet grout columns eliminated the need for timber lagging and prevented the loss of sand during the 21-foot-deep excavation.

J Avenue Water Treatment Plant

Schnabel installed 67 jet grout columns to support the expansion of the J Avenue water treatment plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This project required an excavation adjacent to an existing structure. The continuous wall of jet grout columns was successful in retaining the soil and water behind the wall and no measurable settlement of the tank structure occurred.

The Minneapolis Children’s Hospital project was Schnabel’s first application of jet grouting to underpin an existing structure in lieu of traditional hand-dug underpinning pits. The project team was very pleased with the performance of the jet grout underpinning system.

Chuck Conlon, P.E., Children's Hospital of Minneapolis


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