Micropile Construction

Schnabel‘s micropile technology stands as a testament to engineering ingenuity. These slender, yet mighty heroes conquer spatial constraints and unforgiving landscapes. Imagine alleys so narrow, bridges so low, that conventional solutions falter. Micropiles, with their compact equipment and unwavering strength, squeeze through, delivering cost-effective foundations under any limitations. No matter the challenge, Schnabel’s micropiles stand resolute, crafting bedrock-like support for every project.

Where others falter, Schnabel’s micropiles waltz in. Our nimble giants conquer cramped quarters with finesse. Tighten your belt and your schedule, because less space means less hassle. No stage too tight, no challenge too intricate. Schnabel’s foundation systems pirouette around obstacles, custom-fit for your project’s unique choreography.

Micropile Solutions

Forget heavy machinery, Schnabel’s micropiles sneak in like spies, slithering through doorways and burrowing beneath low ceilings.

Slipping silently beneath existing structures, micropiles bring rock-solid support without the rumble and roar of traditional methods. Their slender profile dances around obstacles, making them the perfect foundation for tricky corners. While most micropiles handle a modest 20 to 200 kips, Schnabel pushes the limits, having successfully tested piles holding a whopping 1,200 kips!

Proving that size isn’t everything, these slender reinforcements tap into the strength of deeper soils, ensuring a solid foundation.

Micropiles construction involves the use of small-diameter piles to transfer loads to more competent underlying ground.

Landslide No Match for Schnabel Micropiles Transformed and used it as Soldier Beams in permanent tieback wall construction. When the ground throws punches and space is tight, micropiles deliver big value for your buck in building new structures.

Partner with Schnabel for expert micropiling that fits your budget and strengthens your project.

Sub-surface to street level, safely and efficiently.

Micropiles construction is generally used where difficult conditions preclude the use of other types of deep foundations.

Interstate 40

Hurricane floodwaters unleashed their fury below Interstate 40, triggering a landslide. Schnabel, wielding the power of steel and ingenuity, countered with two sturdy tied-back micropile walls, restoring stability to the ravaged slope.

Micropiles construction provides a cost-effective foundation system using relatively small drilling equipment.

American Trucking Association

Defying gravity and history, Schnabel’s micropile wizardry granted the American Trucking Association building in D.C. a subterranean extension, breathing new life into the beloved landmark.

NCDOT contracted Schnabel to design and build a repair that would keep this important interstate open and reestablish the eastbound lane. This successful project was completed during the coldest months of the year and within the timeframe established by the State of North Carolina.
Kevin Cargill, P.E., Interstate 40 Project


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