City: Minturn
State: Colorado
Owner: Colorado Department of Transportation
General Contractor: Colorado Department of Transportation

Project Description:
Schnabel was the low bidder among prime contractors for CDOT project MC 0241-037, known as the Battle Mountain Slide Repair. The landslide repair involved mostly specialty work including micropiles, tiebacks, soil nails, and horizontal drains with a limited amount of concrete, paving and guard rails. The project was on the inside of a tight curve on the road between Minturn and Leadville in the Colorado Mountains. The slide affected only about 120 feet of roadway but when this section of road was periodically closed for maintenance, the resulting detour would add significant time to the trip from Leadville to Vail.

The design for the slide repair contemplated not only a fix for the current roadway alignment, but through the use of a tiedback/micropile supported cap beam, the ability in the future to add another highway lane that would cantilever out from and over the cap beam. The project required about three months to complete and included the installation of (1) 37 – 10 inch diameter micropiles; (2) 18 – 6 strand tieback anchors; (3) 1,000 SF of temporary soil nail shoring for the cap beam cut; and (4) 1,500 LF of horizontal drain drilled into the mountain along the uphill side of the road.