Modera University Park | Colorado

City: Denver
State:  Colorado
Owner:  Mill Creek Residential
General Contractor:  Mill Creek Construction

Modera University Park Apartments Project Background

In 2023, Mill Creek Residential, a company dealing in multi-family real estate, announced the construction of Modera University Park. This upscale apartment community is set to be built in the University Park neighborhood, situated near the University of Denver (DU) and Denver Tech Center—the primary employment hubs of the city. The project is set to include 234 unique homes, and over 300 below-grade parking stalls, with a focus on creating a community-focused atmosphere for future residents.

Schnabel’s Role

In March 2023, Mill Creek Construction, the general contractor overseeing the Modera University Park project, contracted Schnabel to design and install a temporary shoring system. This system is crucial for facilitating the construction of a new development spanning 54,500 square feet. Schnabel’s approach involved the construction of a temporary cantilevered and tied-back soldier beam combined with a wood-lagging shoring system. The top of the shoring system will align with or be just below the existing ground level, enabling excavation down to the base of the mat or spread footing. Schnabel’s temporary shoring system was composed of 129 soldier beams covering a length of 3,900 linear feet, supported by 60 tiebacks, and complemented by 21,500 square feet of lagging boards. This strategic approach ensured stability and support during the construction process, allowing for efficient progress on the Modera University Park development project.


On the alley (eastern side of the project), Schnabel encountered easement challenges in some parts of the wall for tieback installation. As a result, a redesign was needed, leading to the installation of extended cantilever beams in specific sections of the project. Mixed-job tiebacks and notably, 50-ft cantilever beams were utilized to overcome this hurdle. Additionally, due to groundwater conditions, dewatering wells were drilled per the GC’s request to effectively manage groundwater levels.


In August of 2023, Schnabel successfully installed a temporary shoring system to facilitate the construction of a high-end apartment community in the University Park neighborhood. Comprising of soldier beams, tiebacks, and lagging boards, Schnabel’s shoring system will provide stability and support throughout the construction phase. This project encountered challenges, including tieback easement issues leading to redesigns, and groundwater conditions. However, Schnabel’s adaptability ensured the project stayed ahead of schedule, within budget, maintained a flawless safety record, and met the client’s expectations. A big thank you goes out to everyone who played a role in the success of this project.

Modera University Temporary Shoring System
Temporary shoring system