Project Description

Phoenix Convention Center | Phoenix, Arizona


City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Owner: City of Phoenix
Excavation Contractor: Buesing Corporation

Project Description:
The new Phoenix Convention Center required a 55 foot deep excavation in a difficult sand, gravel and cobble formation, locally known as the SGC.  Schnabel has installed shoring systems in this material since 1985, and used its experience on other sites near this project to design and construct over 38,000 square feet of shoring in two separate construction phases.  The shoring system utilized soldier beams and lagging supported by over 260 tiebacks.

In a return mobilization to the project, Schnabel designed and constructed 19,400 square of shoring where the temporary site access ramp was to be removed.  The shoring consisted of soldier beams (installed in the initial mobilization) and lagging, with 117 rotary pressure-injected tiebacks.  To accommodate a basement finished floor modification, Schnabel designed and built a continuous wale with 27 braces near the toe of the excavation.

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