City: Atlanta
Cousins Properties
General Contractor: Holder Construction
Design/Build Specialty Contractor:Schnabel Geostructural Design & Construction

Project Description:
The new Norfolk Southern corporate headquarters near downtown Atlanta is set to be a two tower, 17-story office building. The project encompasses most of a city block and includes 5 levels of below grade parking. Schnabel designed and built a 57,000 square foot temporary excavation support system (shoring) with heights up to 51 feet. The shoring consisted of steel soldier beams vibrated into the ground to depths of up to 90 feet using Schnabel’s Bauer RG19 multipurpose rig. Timber lagging was used to support the ground between the piles. Lateral support for the shoring was provided by 593 tiebacks. The shoring was able to be completed on time even after undergoing a complete redesign after many of the piles had already been installed. Included in the redesign was the task of providing excavation support for a neighboring construction site that planned to install deep foundations. Schnabel successfully used innovative wale designs and strategic tieback placement to ensure that no conflicts with the future foundations would occur.