Permanent Retaining Walls

Permanent tieback and soil nail retaining walls are a practical and economical solution when a permanent wall is to be built in a cut or partial cut and fill situation, particularly when it is desirable to leave a road, structure, slope or other feature behind the wall location undisturbed. While excavation behind the wall face is not required to construct a permanent tieback retaining wall, an easement for the tiebacks and/or soil nails is required.

Permanent walls are typically designed to last for a specified period of time (often 50 to 100 years). For this reason, the wall environment including the soil and groundwater are evaluated to determine their potential for corrosion, and the tiebacks, soil nails and facing connections are designed so that they will last for the lifetime of the wall.

To insure the longevity of the wall, the facing is usually concrete or shotcrete. The wall facing can have any number of aesthetic treatments including form lined precast, cast in place concrete, and sculpted shotcrete.