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Experience the efficacy of jet grouting in curtailing groundwater seepage, and safeguarding underground structures with superior precision. Moreover, our proficient team harnesses the potential of jet grouting for underpinning existing structures and providing steadfast excavation support.

As a prominent leader among American jet grouting contractors, we possess specialized expertise in fabricating cement-stabilized soil, augmenting both groundwater control and foundation support. Our unrivaled proficiency stems from decades of hands-on experience, enabling us to deftly navigate the intricacies of your job site challenges and propel you toward operational triumph.

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Jet grouting, a versatile in-situ procedure, combines soil and injected cement grout to form robust cement-stabilized soil columns. Through stringent quality control, the stabilized soil demonstrates increased strength and reduced permeability, making it an ideal engineered product for foundation support and groundwater control. Notably, jet grouting finds typical applications in underpinning existing structures and creating cutoff walls for dependable excavation support.

The process entails drilling or jetting a small-diameter pipe, typically around 4 inches, to the desired treatment depth. Upon reaching the target depth, skilled contractors inject a high-pressure neat cement grout, typically around 6,000 psi, through ports at the pipe’s bottom end while rotating and withdrawing it. This creates a circular column of treated soil. By adjusting the rate of withdrawal, the diameter of the jet grout columns can be modified. These strategically positioned columns provide essential vertical support or can be overlapped to form walls or barriers, effectively impeding the horizontal movement of weak soil and groundwater.

Leverage the power of jet grouting to enhance soil stability, control groundwater, and achieve unparalleled project success. Trust our expertise in grouting improvement to deliver exceptional results tailored to your unique requirements.

Jet grouting excels in situations where the subsurface harbors preexisting utilities or buried obstructions. Thanks to the small-diameter pipe used in the process, it can easily navigate and fit between these obstacles, resulting in the creation of larger diameter columns in the underlying soil. This capability ensures efficient treatment and stabilization even in challenging subsurface conditions, allowing for the effective implementation of jet grouting solutions.


Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis

Schnabel used jet grout columns as underpinning and excavation support for the construction of an addition to the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The jet grout columns eliminated the need for timber lagging and prevented the loss of sand during the 21-foot-deep excavation.

J Avenue Water Treatment Plant

Schnabel installed 67 jet grout columns to support the expansion of the J Avenue water treatment plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This project required an excavation adjacent to an existing structure. The continuous wall of jet grout columns was successful in retaining the soil and water behind the wall and no measurable settlement of the tank structure occurred.

The Minneapolis Children’s Hospital project was Schnabel’s first application of jet grouting to underpin an existing structure in lieu of traditional hand-dug underpinning pits. The project team was very pleased with the performance of the jet grout underpinning system.

Chuck Conlon, P.E., Children's Hospital of Minneapolis


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