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As a leading shotcrete company in the USA, Schnabel stands out among premier contractors and specialized foundation firms. Schnabel excels in delivering customized solutions to address specific challenges encountered in various projects. When faced with uneven surfaces hindering the construction process, Schnabel is adept at installing dependable shotcrete retaining walls, guaranteeing the structural integrity of your project.

Shotcrete, a specialized concrete mixture, is applied through pneumatic spraying onto vertical or sloped ground surfaces. To establish a secure earth-retaining solution, Shotcrete is often employed in tandem with other components, such as soil nails.

As a leading contractor in Geostructural Design & Construction, Schnabel stands out for its proficiency in delivering long-lasting shotcrete retaining walls, specifically crafted to meet the distinct needs of your construction project.


Shotcrete stands out as a low-slump concrete applied pneumatically through compressed air onto the receiving surface. It features a low water/cement ratio, high cement content, and usually includes small aggregates not surpassing pea gravel size. Achieving compressive strengths exceeding 5,000 psi is common. The adhesive properties of shotcrete enable application on both vertical and overhead surfaces without requiring formwork. Rigorous quality control allows for constructing a wall surface with an 8-inch thickness or more in just one pass.

Schnabel, a seasoned shotcrete contractor, utilizes shotcrete primarily for constructing both temporary and permanent facings in the construction of soil nail retention walls. Its versatile application extends beyond soil nail walls, making it a suitable facing for various types of earth-retaining walls. In the case of soil nail walls, a preliminary shotcrete layer measuring 4 to 6 inches is directly applied to the excavated ground surface. For walls intended to be permanent, an additional 6 to 12 inches of reinforced shotcrete is applied subsequent to the installation of soil nails and the initial shotcrete layer. The final finish of the permanent facing can range from sculpted and stained to gun finished or finish-troweled, offering a diverse aesthetic akin to a formed concrete wall.

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725 Ponce

Schnabel designed and constructed permanent and temporary earth-retention systems and 45-foot-tall permanent shotcrete retaining walls to support the Atlanta Beltline’s redevelopment in Georgia.

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Southeast Corridor Multi-Modal Project (TREX)

Schnabel designed and constructed ten permanent soldier beam and lagging tieback walls finished with a 10-inch permanent shotcrete facing for the Southeast Corridor Multi-Modal Project (TREX) in Denver, Colorado.

The 725 Ponce project was one of the first projects in Atlanta where Schnabel installed permanent shotcrete walls for the below grade basement of the structure. The basement are typically cast-in-place concrete, however, on this project the shotcrete system proposed by Schnabel improved the overall project budget and schedule.

Chris Moon, P.E. , 725 Ponce


Schnabel is the sector’s most operationally efficient Geostructural Design & Construction contractor. We optimize efficiencies by leveraging decades of experience and design/build expertise to innovate processes and approaches that are consistently proven to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients.