Project Description



City: Reno
State: Nevada
Owner: City of Reno
General Contractor: Granite Construction

Project Description:
Traffic in downtown Reno had become increasingly congested due to numerous at grade railroad  crossings.  To reduce this congestion, the City of Reno contracted with Granite Construction to put a portion of the railroad  in a depressed trench so that rail traffic could pass through the city unimpeded.  The depressed portion was around 2.2 miles long, 54-foot wide and up to 35 feet deep.   Granite selected Schnabel to design and build the complex system of excavation support and underpinning to complete this project.  Schnabel selected soil nailing to provide excavation support where there were no structures and a combination of  hand-dug piers and micropiles to support the adjacent structures.  This innovative project was awarded the 2006 Outstanding project award by the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI).

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