As a premier provider of specialized foundation solutions, Schnabel excels in implementing micropiles installation to ensure reliable structural stability in some of the most demanding conditions globally.

Micropiles, often small in diameter, are designed to transfer structural loads from weaker soils to more stable underlying strata or rock. They are ideal for scenarios where conventional deep foundation methods are not feasible due to challenging access, limited space, or complex drilling conditions.

Micropiles are particularly effective as they can be deployed using compact drilling equipment, making them an economical choice for foundation support in confined spaces such as within existing buildings, beneath bridges, and in areas with limited headroom or access.

Schnabel is equipped with the knowledge and experience to deliver tailor-made foundation support solutions, including micropiles installation, to meet the specific requirements of diverse environments and operational challenges.

Micropile Solutions

Micropile installation involves using compact piles, often not exceeding 12 inches in diameter, for deep foundation work. Pioneers in micropiles installation, Schnabel employs advanced drilling equipment capable of navigating tight spaces, such as through standard doorways and under 8-foot ceilings.

Ideal for reinforcing existing structures, micropiles are effectively installed indoors, offering the advantage of minimal vibration compared to other deep foundation methods. Their application is particularly valuable in areas with natural or artificial obstacles, where their smaller diameter drilling technology efficiently overcomes challenges like cobbles and boulders, a feat more difficult for traditional drilling or pile-driving methods. Typically, micropiles bear loads ranging from 20 to 200 kips, but Schnabel has successfully installed and tested them for up to 1,200 kips.

This process of micropiles installation ensures a reliable transfer of structural loads to stable subsurface layers.

Micropiles construction involves the use of small-diameter piles to transfer loads to more competent underlying ground.

In challenging drilling environments like landslide debris, Schnabel excels in the installation of micropiles, utilizing them as integral components in the construction of permanent tieback walls. When faced with tough subsurface scenarios and limited space, opting for micropiles often results in a more economical approach for constructing new structures.

Boasting years of expertise in micropiles installation, Schnabel delivers the most efficient and budget-friendly micropile solutions tailored to your specific project needs.

Sub-surface to street level, safely and efficiently.

Micropiles construction is generally used where difficult conditions preclude the use of other types of deep foundations.

Interstate 40

Schnabel engineered a pair of anchored micropile walls to secure a landslide area that was eroded by floodwaters from a hurricane, situated beneath Interstate 40 in Haywood County, North Carolina.

Micropiles construction provides a cost-effective foundation system using relatively small drilling equipment.

American Trucking Association

Schnabel engineered a unique micropile foundation system, facilitating the development of a new basement beneath a pre-existing building. This innovation was key in the refurbishment of the historic American Trucking Association building located in Washington D.C.

NCDOT contracted Schnabel to design and build a repair that would keep this important interstate open and reestablish the eastbound lane. This successful project was completed during the coldest months of the year and within the timeframe established by the State of North Carolina.
Kevin Cargill, P.E., Interstate 40 Project


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