At Schnabel, our engineers play a vital role that ensures the quality and stability of our geostructural projects. To make sure we attract the right people for these critical positions, we offer competitive salaries and top-notch benefits. But that’s just where it starts. Read on to learn why an engineering career at Schnabel is such a rewarding experience.

A Relentless Search for Excellence

Schnabel is continually searching for qualified individuals to fill positions such as research and development engineers. While we are always eager to find qualified candidates, we also want passionate people who love what they do.

It takes a talented, driven team of professionals to help us meet the needs of our customers and uphold our reputation for quality. This is why we invest so heavily in creating the type of opportunities, culture and benefits that attract top talent.

Pushing Your Career Forward

A nationwide company, Schnabel employs more than 200 professionals who all play key roles in our design-build construction projects. Because we have a nationwide footprint, our team gets to work in the field throughout the country without being confined to their local backyards. They also enjoy career advancement opportunities, mentoring programs, and the chance to work for a long-standing, family-owned company with a mission of innovation and excellence.

At Schnabel, we are committed to providing tailored solutions for unique project requirements. As we craft these solutions from conception to construction, our engineers ensure that we have the best designs and right materials. While we work in a collaborative environment, our engineers enjoy the freedom to express their expertise in a supportive setting among colleagues. They also have the chance to work autonomously in many respects, while gaining the opportunity to work in the field.

What Does it Take to Work at Schnabel?

To qualify for an engineering position at Schnabel, you’ll need a minimum level of education and experience, including:

Although most of our engineers work locally, you will need to have the willingness and capability to travel at times. We also look for forward-thinking candidates with good problem-solving skills and entrepreneurial spirits. Our employees are also expected to place an emphasis on safety and uphold the dignity of the Schnabel name.

If you have a passion for working in the construction industry and a desire to further your career, we’d love to talk to you about joining our team.