Civil engineering can be dated to the very first time someone placed a roof over their head. These days, it encompasses every critical part of the built environment from roads and bridges to canals, airports, dams, sewerage systems, railways, pipelines and much, much more.

If you have a career in civil engineering, you’re a part of a critical and honorable profession that gives you the opportunity to help design and construct the world around us. At Schnabel, our civil engineers have even greater opportunities, because we are a design-build company with a nationwide footprint.

What Makes Schnabel Different?

At Schnabel, our civil engineering recruiters are always looking for talented individuals to help design, build and supervise the geostructural projects we’re known for. Balancing design, construction, field and office work experience, this exciting position exposes you to different facets of our business while allowing you to grow your career.

A longstanding family-run organization, Schnabel takes pride in offering employees uniquely rewarding opportunities. Our civil engineers have the chance to work autonomously in their role in many respects, while also gaining the chance to work in the field.

Whether they’re working around a fine-tuned plan or providing tailored solutions for clients with unique problems, our civil engineers enjoy the freedom to devise and apply their methods as part of a diverse and cohesive team.

Taking Your Career to Another Level

A nationwide design-build company, Schnabel has more than 200 skilled employees who all play critical roles in our geostructural construction projects. To attract the right construction professional, we offer competitive salaries, superior benefits and opportunities for career advancement.

Because we have multiple locations throughout the U.S., our team gets to see the rest of the country and do work outside their local backyard. Combined with great benefits, invaluable mentoring and an encouraging, comfortable work environment, these characteristics make Schnabel an ideal place to practice and perfect your civil engineering talents.

What Does it Take to Work at Schnabel?

To qualify for a civil engineering position at Schnabel, you’ll need a minimum level of education and experience, including:

  • B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, or Construction Management or equivalent experience

You should also have a passion for working in the construction industry and a desire to further your career through new opportunities, continuing education and field experience.

In addition to all this, there are some other important things we look for when choosing new engineers for our team. We like our employees to be forward-thinking problem solvers with entrepreneurial spirits. They are also expected to place an unyielding emphasis on safety and uphold the dignity of the Schnabel name.

If you meet these standards, we’d love to talk to you about joining our team.