The first full week of March is an important time for the construction industry as it is when Women in Construction Week (WIC Week) takes place. During this week, we celebrate all the women in the field of construction who continue to make progress in an industry that has been historically dominated by men.

At Schnabel, women have always played integral roles in every area of our company, and they are a major reason why we are the successful contractor that we are today.

On this special week, we would like to recognize all the amazing women who work for Schnabel and thank them for all their contributions. Thank you for all your hard work, Adelaida, Gricelda, Autumn, Ophir, Dai’ Jhunnah, Christina, Christele, Jessica, Sheila, Inderjit, Jean, Lynda, Tara, Katrina, Lynette, Michelle H, Kimberly, Michelle K, Lorna, Joanna, Daven, Shanna, Lisa, Ana, Carolyn, Radhika, Renee, Diana, and Sue!