Happy Women in Construction Week! Thank you to all the amazing women who continue to drive change in the construction industry.

To celebrate, we are highlighting four amazing women who fill various key roles within our company and contribute to our success.

Our first spotlight is Ana Salazar from our regional office in Houston, TX. Ana is Draftsperson who oversees all the design drawings for her office. She 3D models designs, figures out solutions to potential conflicts and addresses them accordingly. Furthermore, she is always looking to find new innovative ways to produce design draft work for the company.

Our second spotlight is Jessica Jarrell from our Schnabel Equipment Division facility in Strasburg, VA. Jessica is an Administrative Assistant who assists with her division’s payroll, inputs data into the company’s equipment maintenance system, processes paperwork, and works on various projects that help improve the company’s efficiency.

Our third spotlight is Libby Hayden from our corporate office in Sterling, VA. Libby is an R&D Engineer who wears many hats in the company. She mainly acts as an internal consultant who shares knowledge with all of Schnabel’s regions but also as a floating engineer who assists construction managers and estimators.

Our final spotlight is Autumn Johnson from our field team. Autumn is a talented carpenter/welder who assists with projects in Schnabel’s west region. She prides herself on being able to do more than just her role’s duties since she learned a lot from the other trades on her projects.

Happy #WicWeek2023!